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  • Sustainment training is, “by far, the most important aspect of each State’s RRC training program” (NGR 601-1. 5-18. a.)
  • “RRC leaders are reminded that the most important aspects of a salespersons job are not only skills, knowledge and abilities but also attitude” (NGR 601-1. 5-18, c.)
  • “Sustainment training should, therefore, focus on motivating and improving Soldier attitudes as well as their skills, knowledge and abilities to ensure success and maximize performance” (NGR 601-1. 5-18. c.)
  • “Production Soldiers will attend at least 40 hours of sustainment training annually.” (NGR 601. 5-18. d. (1))
  • Commercial training can be an excellent tool in a State’s RRC Sustainment Training program. Training should be motivational in nature and focus on improving RRC personnel attitudes as well as skills and abilities.   (NGR 601-1. 5-23. b.)


  • Uniquely combining proven 79T MOS skills with current civilian sales training
  • Provide a weekly, 30 minute, targeted knowledge, skill and motivation training
  • Distribute directly to each RRNCO keeping them focused and maintaining momentum via email and full access to archived training on website
  • No AGR Travel costs nor lost recruiting time enhancing efficiency and production
  • promotes a common conversation, success sharing and reduces isolation between states

Wyoming Army National Guard RRNCO 4 years / NCOIC 8 yearsMSG Siggins
Bachelors of Arts Degree in Education; 3 years teaching experience
14 years of civilian sales experience
NCOIC Area included 9 RRNCO, 6 Armories, and 45,575 sq/miles

About Training Tuesday Podcast

Training Tuesday Podcast was created in response to a need for ongoing, real-time, relevant, sustainment training for the RRB.  The weekly podcasts are moderated by MSG (ret) Siggins, an NCOIC with the Army National Guard.  While serving 8 years as an NCOIC in one of the largest recruiting areas in the country and training numerous recruiters, most of which were a substantial distance away, the idea for a training podcast seemed like a tremendous solution.   With the assistance of LTC Hunhoff and CSM Fisher, the Wyoming RRB leadership, the idea was formalized and the first Training Tuesday Podcast was sent to the Wyoming RRB on 3 February 2015.   If you are not from Wyoming you probably don’t know where Wyoming is, so here is a map.

United States map highlighting Wyoming
Where in the world is Wyoming

MSG Siggins’ area included all northern Wyoming.

Wyoming map

11 Counties
277, 472 people
spread out over 45, 575 square miles
6 armories
9 recruiters.

In the middle of my area lies a large mountain range called the Big Horn Mountains.

Big Horn Mountains, north central Wyoming

The pass is 9660 ft and the roads are often snow packed in the winter.


The reason:


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