TRAINING TUESDAY PODCAST 315 (SSG Knight from CTARNG – D54 and D1 Achiever)

This week:  Connecticut D54 Achiever SSG Calista Knight (Discipline, Self Reflection, After Enlistment Soldier Binder, Virtual Game of Life highschool entry vehicle, Audio Books, 

📚 SOLDIER STORIES 📖  by Spc. Matthew Lucibello

‘Today we would like to spotlight Staff Sgt.  Knight, our UCONN recruiter!

Knight, originally from Tennga, Georgia, joined the Florida Army National Guard in 2007 and became a member of the Connecticut Army National Guard in 2012.

Knight joined the National Guard to get her GED after having to drop out of high school to support her daughter, Kaliyah. At that time the National Guard had the GED Plus Program, in which the National Guard would pay for you to get your GED and afterwards you would serve as a soldier.

‘I owe my entire life to the Guard,” said Knight. “It changed my entire thought process.’

Knight would go on to prosper as a recruiter for Connecticut’s Home Team in 2018.

Despite being new, Knight would be selected for Rookie of the Year, an award for being the top new recruiter among new recruiters, that year.  She would soon one up herself in 2019, by becoming Director’s 54, top recruiter in the state. Still not satisfied, Knight would then become the Director’s 54, nationally, being the top recruiter among all recruiters in the National Guard.

‘I stayed in my seat because I didn’t think they called my name,” said Knight, recollecting hearing her name during the award ceremony. “It was a great sense of pride not only for myself for my hard work but also for my soldiers and families that I enlisted.’

Knight is very proud of her service in the National Guard, highlighting the numerous programs she was able to take advantage of to better herself and her family. She is most proud of how her own children have grown up seeing their mother wearing Army Green.

‘The Guard has given me stability: financial stability, career stability; when I first joined, I had no idea what to do,” said Knight. “It gave my kids a sense of pride and they are very proud of what I do.’”

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