1. Get commitment and enlistment before the break.  This week is big for that.  When young people have time on their hands they make bad choices.  Two weeks of time can mean a lot of bad choices that will get them DQed.

  2. This is finals week for many colleges- you might want to have some free pizza/other food item if you have a location near the school.  Perhaps a study break time event to get them in.  Get on campus hype it up. 

  3. Teachers are going on break as well.  Perhaps support the faculty holiday party in some way.  It is likely that something is planned for this Friday so it’s not too late.

  4. Give HRAP Soldiers a real mission.  We are often soft on them and just let any requirements slide because we want them to spend time at home.  Give them a mission of bringing a certain number of people in a day; of course don’t work them 12 hours a day but get some real prospecting work out of them.

  5. Holiday Sports Tournaments and Practices- Winter sports still move forward over the break, the teams still practice and have competitions.  There are usually holiday tournaments for basketball and wrestling.  Attend these events, students do.

  6. School Ski trips- During winter break in cold weather areas groups and clubs often do ski trips, also the ski slopes are usually just busy during the break.  Depending on where you live Ice rinks could be the same.  There are many joining age people at these areas over the break.

  7. Malls, Retail, and Movie theaters- From the 20-26 a huge amount of people will go to movies.  Malls and retail will be full of people.  Many of the people working are joining age and doing seasonal/part time work.  There are many opportunities to engage the population. 

  8. Before college closes the doors it’s a good Idea to check in with financial aid reps and registration folks.  The financial aid rep knows people that need help paying the bill and can share your card, the registration folks have a drop list of those that have not registered for the spring term.  People drop out due to lack of funds or terrible grades, we can help with one of those things.

  9. Create an event at your facility for one of the day/nights on the break.  Doesn’t have to be huge but some free pizza and activities will draw some folks in and give you something additional to sell when area canvassing.  A unique idea would be to organize some joining age folks to support a local charity for a day.  You’ll get face time, show our values, and do some good.

  10. The 24th and 25th are not going to be huge prospecting days, people are doing their holiday activities.  Give your family your full attention for 48 hours, turn off your requirements, and dial out for that short time.  Enjoy and pause and recharge a little before 2nd qtr.

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