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Entreleadership #300 David Goggins – Defy the Odds

A retired Navy SEAL and one of the world’s top endurance athletes, David Goggins doesn’t know the word “quit.” But that wasn’t always the case, and understandably so. After surviving a childhood of unimaginable physical abuse, poverty and prejudice, David says that failure had become the narrative of his life. That all changed when he decided to run toward his fear and, against all odds, became a Navy SEAL. Join us as David shares his unforgettable journey that will inspire and move you—and prove that anything is indeed possible.

Entreleadership #299 Best of 2018

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith—4 Ways to Win Now
The Rundown: After years spent traveling the globe working with top CEOs, world-renowned leadership coach and best-selling author Dr. Marshall Goldsmith has discovered a universal truth: We all make mistakes. Luckily, there are four behaviors you can adopt right now that can help put you on a more successful—and likely more profitable—leadership path.

Top Takeaway: Although Marshall’s advice is simple and straightforward, lasting change takes time—and some pretty major commitment and determination.

Favorite Quote: “Stop asking for feedback and then expressing your opinion.” – Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Patrick Lencioni—Lead for the Right Reasons
The Rundown: If you think being a leader is all about personal glory, fame and wealth, best-selling author and leadership expert Patrick Lencioni says you have it all wrong. Join us to hear Pat explain what he calls the only valid form of leadership, as well as the four things that only a leader can—and must—do.

Top Takeaway: As the leader, if you aren’t doing the hardest things, you aren’t doing your job.

Favorite Quote: “What we need to do is make it unacceptable for people to be leaders if they think it’s about them.” – Patrick Lencioni

Dan Heath—Moments That Change Lives
The Rundown: In a world where we’re all constantly trying to craft experiences—like that of our customers, patients, users, you name it—New York Times best-selling author Dan Heath has figured out how to get it right. The science behind Dan’s four essential elements of experience is as fascinating as the results they elicit.

Top Takeaway: The most memorable moments usually don’t involve grand gestures or over-the-top gimmicks.

Favorite Quote: “In a minute, you can change someone’s life. That is a power that I think many of us are not aware that we have, and certainly aren’t using the way that we can.” – Dan Heath

Charles Koch—The Danger of Complacency
The Rundown: Ever since taking over his family’s business at age 25, Charles Koch has been guided by a singular mantra: Success is one of the biggest enemies of success. Tune in as Charles explains why complacency is never an option and what you need to do to outpace your competition.

Top Takeaway: We all need to be lifelong learners, always striving to find new ways to deliver unparalleled value for our customers.

Favorite Quote: “Our philosophy is however well we’re doing as individuals in our roles or as a business, it can be done better. You need to constantly be striving to improve.” – Charles Koch

Carmine Gallo—The No. 1 Skill You Need Now
The Rundown: In the age of automation and artificial intelligence, there is one skill that has yet to be replicated by a robot: persuasive communication. Best-selling author Carmine Gallo calls it the skill that makes you irreplaceable in business today. Join us to learn two easy ways to up your communication game.

Top Takeaway: Your value is in your ideas, but ideas don’t sell themselves. Your success depends on your ability to communicate well.

Favorite Quote: “If you cannot advocate and champion your ideas persuasively, they’re not going to matter.” – Carmine Gallo

Bobby Gruenewald—Find a Way, Not an Excuse
The Rundown: Even if the odds are stacked against your next big idea—no budget, no time, no scope—you may be in a much better position than you think. Tune in to hear Bobby Gruenewald, Innovation Leader at Life.Church, explain why limited resources force you to become more creative and innovative.

Top Takeaway: Money is not always the solution to the problem. Surprisingly, an unlimited budget may actually limit your success.

Favorite Quote: “Innovation happens within constraints.” – Bobby Gruenewald

Charles Duhigg—Ignore Conventional Wisdom
The Rundown: If you ask New York Times best-selling author Charles Duhigg, many of the most innovative ideas today aren’t exactly original—and he’s got plenty of evidence to prove it. Join us as Charles breaks down the highly effective habits of creative people so you can learn how to drive innovation in your organization.

Top Takeaway: The most creative, ground-breaking solutions are often the result of bringing old solutions to new problems.

Favorite Quote: “When we give ourselves permission to take risks, to ignore convention, that’s when oftentimes we have our most creative ideas.” – Charles Duhigg

Ken Coleman—6 Stages of Self-Discovery
The Rundown: A self-proclaimed professional question asker, Ken Coleman—host of the EntreLeadership Podcast and The Ken Coleman Show on Sirius XM—has conducted hundreds of interviews and has concluded that most of us are in pursuit of the same thing: significance. Tune in as Ken walks us through his six-stage method of getting to what he calls the “sweet spot”: a pursuit that combines your greatest talent with your greatest passion. Now that’s what we call a dream job.

Top Takeaway: Asking questions (and lots of them!) is the secret to finding your path.

Favorite Quote: “Step into the confidence of the unknown.”

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