1. Excellence
    1. Pain of Professionalism
      1. Very few people come to this field as an expert
      2. Will you work through failure until you succeed
        1. Daughter and her aerial
        2. Everything requires painful progress until proficient
    2. Attitude
      1. You control what you think about
      2. You control how you respond
      3. You control your input
      4. Your attitude is your responsibility
  2. Prospecting
    1. Will you do the work to be first?
    2. Know your number – if you don’t, use 10%
      1. 100 Prospecting conversations
      2. 10 Interviews
      3. 1 Enlistment
    3. Know your market
    4. Know your prospecting activities
  3. Plan
    1. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarter, Annual
    2. Your plan may be impacted by situations and people
    3. A plan give you the opportunity to say yes or no well
    4. Set and maintain priorities
  4. Systems and Processes
    1. You must learn the specifics of your craft
    2. You will never talk to a professional shooter that doesn’t understand ballistics
    3. You will never talk to a professional chef that doesn’t understand cooking chemistry
    4. You will never talk to a professional banker that doesn’t understand finance
    5. Every hobby, craft, trade, and profession has required knowledge to be successful


79T Tune-Up  

NGPAM 601-1


As a best business practice, you should contact 40 percent of your senior enrollment, 50 percent of your HS graduates and 40 percent of your junior enrollment by 31 October. It is advisable to compare junior and senior enrollments with your previous year’s list for those individuals who are no longer enrolled and for those individuals who are new enrollments. An inquiry with HS officials concerning these individuals will assist you in making the appropriate entries in your RWS. This is an excellent opportunity for you to make contact with new students. You will likely be the first to make yourself known to them. Remember, first to contact, first to contract.  Concentrate at this time on ASVAB scheduling of any assigned schools that have not scheduled the test. Homecoming normally happens in October. Coordinate with the homecoming committee to get involved with the parade. Contact assigned HS that have not scheduled the ASVAB and ask to discuss the benefits of offering it to their students. Many HS publish the first issue of their newspaper in October. Coordinate with the marketing NCO to place an advertisement. Ensure that we meet all financial obligations in a timely manner. Also, ensure that you contribute the group photograph you obtained in May of the previous school year to the editor of the school newspaper for publication as a special student interest story. There is no better way for you to build a relationship with this very important contact than to make regular contributions that are of interest to the students. As the month before elections, October is a great time to give presentations to school history and government classes about the electoral process and how the ARNG serves a vital role in the security of our nation. Get involved with local Boy Scout troops. Scoutmasters are typically happy to get any assistance you can offer. Many scouts are HS students and potential enlistees or student influencers. Order personal items (pens, bags, mouse-pads, and mugs) as needed monthly for special events.

HOTLINE:  Leave voicemail to share ideas, celebrate success, solve a common problem, ask a question, correct an error  307-202-8031

King Solomon:  If the iron is blunt, and one does not sharpen the edge, he must use more strength, but wisdom helps one to succeed. (Ecclesiastes 10:10 ESV)

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