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SGT Flores – Nevada



Make sure you have listened to my interview with Tom Freese, Episode 126.

Chapter 15 Building Value in the QBS Presentation

Phase 1 – generate interest

Phase 2 – educate prospects on the value

3 Strategic Objectives:

  1. Communicate enough value in our solutions to justify a favorable decision
  2. Increase the prospect’s sense of urgency
  3. Identify potential champions of your cause


How to Buy:  establishing decision criteria – coaching them on what to look for

How to Sell:  how to promote to others

How It Works:  educate on features and benefits

Secret #138 The value you build in the sales presentation is what ultimately justifies a favorable decision.

Secret #139 When selling to individuals the presentation phase tends to be less formal

Salespeople start with zero credibility


“Salespeople are perceived as valueless until proven otherwise.”  Pg 265


Preparation – reconnaissance mode

Often assume that because they have the opportunity to do a presentation or pitch that they should jump right into an explanation of their product features and benefits.


Conversational Layering
  • Curiosity
  • Credibility
  • Needs Development
  • Present Solution
  • Commitment


“You haven’t yet piqued their interest, you have near-zero credibility, and you inherit all the negative baggage from other salespeople who have preceded you.”  pg 267


Breaking the Ice

  1. Introduce the Presenter and the Audience
    1. Have champion introduce you
    2. Have them introduce audience – start introductions
  2. Deliver an Interactive Opener
    1. Thank audience
    2. Introduce myself again
      1. Set a more personal tone for the meeting
      2. Herd Theory – leverage momentum
  3. “What Would You Like Me to Accomplish”
    1. “What would you like me to accomplish today?”
  4. Managing Audience Expectations
    1. Happiness is the difference between expectations and reality
    2. “Would that make sense to the group?”
    3. “Would you rather have a canned presentation or  would it make more sense to focus on your specific issues?”


Use Diagnostic Questions to Establish Credibility

Unfortunately, too many presenters try to “claim” their own credibility by telling audience about their company or product.

Secret #145 The greater your credibility, the more value prospects will attach to the information, ideas, and solutions you present.

Without Needs…There Are No Solutions

Don’t Tell Audiences Their Issues –

Secret #148 “Telling prospects why an issue is important often causes them to mismatch, and tell you why it’s not.


Ask and ye Shall Receive

“To what extent is ________ important?”

To what extent is getting a plan together now important?

To what extent is knowing your options important?

To what extent is not waiting until the end of your senior year important?


Secret #149  When a presentation audience helps to define the problem, it’s easier to get them to buy in your solution.

Build the Road Map to Success



  • Mutual Agenda
  • Stories Get Remembered Long after the Presentation Ends
  • Use the Herd
  • Position Gold Medals and German Shepherds
  • Ask Confirmation Questions
    • “Does that make sense?”
    • “Are you with me?”

If You Take the Time to Say It, Take the Time to Explain It

  • Stop using military terms

Closing Your Sales Presentation

How the presentation ends is just as important as how it begins.

  • Do Not Ask!!! “So…what do you think?”
  • Ask “That’s pretty much what we had planned to cover today.  The question is, do you like it?”

Phase 3 is closing

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King Solomon:  If the iron is blunt, and one does not sharpen the edge, he must use more strength, but wisdom helps one to succeed. (Ecclesiastes 10:10 ESV)

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