You are currently viewing TRAINING TUESDAY PODCAST 127 (Interview with Dave Eustice of Military Recruiting Experts)

TRAINING TUESDAY PODCAST 127 (Interview with Dave Eustice of Military Recruiting Experts)

This week we introduce you to a phenomenal resource for the Recruiting Commands.


Military Recruiting Experts provide professional training services to military recruiting organizations.  Recruiting is a stressful and often thankless job.  The demands on time and the importance of the mission require extreme dedication.  At Military Recruiting Experts, we believe that skills, tactics, techniques, and procedures can be trained to a level to reduce stress and instill confidence. Confident recruiters secure mission, enjoy quality of life, and avoid the pitfalls of falling behind.

There are many great sources for sales training.  Military Recruiting Experts has the direct experience that our competitors do not.  We have delivered mission at all levels of recruiting.  We know your challenges and can quickly tailor a solution to them.  We look forward to partnering with your team.  Contact them today.


Established to enhance your organization’s ability to deliver mission, Military Recruiting Experts in Charleston, South Carolina, offers full-service military recruiting sustainment training and team development seminars to ensure your organization is positioned for success. We believe in a data driven systematic approach to all levels of recruiting leadership.  Military Recruiting Experts will consult with your team to deliver the training you need to excel.  We also feel that all levels of recruiting organizations can benefit from an outside perspective and exposure to proven methods that we have found to be successful during our time in recruiting.


Doug Siggins

MSG (r) Doug Siggins facilitates Training Tuesday Podcast to cultivate, collaborate and celebrate RRNCO success.