• A healthy School Recruiting Program is critical
  • I am not here for myself – I am here to serve
    • There is integrity in the process…they can trust me.
  • My Nation needs me to be excellent
    • We are an important part of securing the freedoms and blessings of being a United States citizen
  • My state and communities’ safety and security depend on the ARNG
    • My analogy is that on my refrigerator I have a magnet with emergency contact numbers on it:  emergency responders, poison control, domestic violence etc.
    • On the Governor of your state’s magnet, at the top of his emergency responder list, is the ARNG.
  • I represent all of the ARNG and really all others who have worn the uniform
  • Students personally benefit from their experience in the service
    • Value based organization
    • Self discipline
    • Confidence
    • Overcoming obstacles
    • Faced fears and difficult situations
    • Been part of a diverse team
  • Most people don’t understand, are misinformed and are operating on stereotypes
  • The ARNG will give students a real goal and support team to help them complete high school
  • The ARNG will build a sense of pride that will have a positive effect on them as students
  • One weakness in our education system is the transition from high school to the next step….plans, structure, accountability
  • The ARNG will provide a new peer network – RSP and unit Soldiers
  • Making the decision to serve will give students a framework to make other key decisions in life
  • The ARNG will provide financial resources that many students would not have access to
    • Regular income
    • Regular pay increases and almost unlimited promotion opportunities
    • School resources
  • Most companies value employees who have served in the military
  • Enhances individual’s skill set and ability to move with flexibility in civilian careers
  • Facilitates healthy diet and exercise lifestyles
  • Opens the doors to unlimited opportunities
    • Hallway
    • Doesn’t close any doors but puts students in a better experiential position to  make informed decisions
  • Helps students understand the value of the trades
  • Provides unique opportunities to capitalize on civilian and military education by providing military and civilian experience
  • Helps students demonstrate capacity.  Resumes are created to document capacity.  They can contain education and experience.  Very few young people can document their capacity well.  The military service provides that opportunity.
  • It is hard to develop our potential without being a part of something substantial and having a desire to excel as part of something important
  • You can have a dramatic impact on a student’s quality of life

Doug Siggins

MSG (r) Doug Siggins facilitates Training Tuesday Podcast to cultivate, collaborate and celebrate RRNCO success.