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TRAINING TUESDAY PODCAST 100 (Fast Track Planners; January Check Up)

THIS WEEK:   Membership; Fast Track Planners; How Bad Do You Want It; January; Tim Ferriss

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Fast Track-Planners – The Playbook


Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount Chapter 23 “THE ONLY QUESTION THAT REALLY MATTERS”

“How bad do you want it?”

Stay hungry!

79T TUNE UP (MOS Sustainment)



As a best business practice, you should contact 70 percent of your senior enrollment, 90 percent of your HS graduates and 65 percent of your junior enrollment by 31 January. Obtain a list of mid-term graduates and contact them as soon as possible. Turn up the tempo on contacting your juniors. Don’t forget to inform your HS counselors that juniors get two elective credits toward graduation for attending BT between their junior/senior year. Request a copy of System Procedures and Policies Handbook from the school board to verify this rule has not been rescinded or withdrawn. Contact your first-year college students to see if they returned to college.   Ask about their second semester financial situation.


  1. Second Quarter. (Percent of Yearly Mission, 27-29%)

(1) Primary Market. A recommended primary market for the second quarter is high school juniors. The primary market should shift to HS Juniors on/about 15 Dec. In servicing this market, you must maximize what is nearly an exclusive population against the other services. Selling advantages include the immediate drill pay opportunities and the split training option program compared to the DEP offered by the active services. In addition, individual State benefits should be highlighted over the USAR that is unable to offer State benefit programs. Focus should be on proactive HS Juniors who are planning for their futures and will understand how the ARNG can help meet their needs. Synchronized use of the following should be considered: targeted mailings, telemarketing activities, school presentations, and Post-High School Planning Session participation, encouraging HS unit members to informally differentiate our programs versus our competitors.

(2) Secondary Market. A recommended secondary market for the second quarter is College Students. You should target prospects that may now understand that their original plans were inadequate to meet their financial and/or personal needs, and may now be ready to attain a deeper understanding of how membership in the ARNG can help offset their financial shortfall. Plan to enhance success by college visits (to include the financial aid advisor) and mail-outs synchronized with telemarketing activities using college student guides when available. You should prospect for all to ensure that they are aware of the benefits of the SMP.

(3) Tertiary Market. A recommended tertiary market in the second quarter is prior service in the Inactive National Guard (ING) and local ARNG discharges over the last three years. Effort should be made to encourage these Soldiers to rejoin the ARNG in order to protect their personal investment of time and service. RRNCOs should focus their selling strategies on job security, retirement benefits, pay and allowances, as well as reminding them of their value to the community, State and the nation as an Army National Guard Soldier.


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