TRAINING TUESDAY PODCAST 090 (In-Person Prospecting; Don’t Waste a Trip; Innovation; Fear)

THIS WEEK:  In-Person Prospecting; Don’t Waste a Trip; Innovation; Fear


Providing ongoing, mobile sustainment training to stimulate success and promote professionalism.  

Welcome to Tuesday Training Podcast…a conversation and collaboration between Army National Guard Recruiters.  This week, because of your efforts, lives will be changed, legacies will be started and generations will be impacted as you serve our citizens, by bringing the best and brightest into our organizations.  What you do matters… make a difference..

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EntreLeadership is the process of leading to cause a venture to grow and prosper.

At EntreLeadership 1-Day, you will learn the methods we used at Ramsey Solutions to become a nationally recognized brand and why we were voted one of Nashville’s Best Places to Work nine times. You’ll learn the six essentials of business: leadership, people, money, time, team, and higher calling.

This isn’t a run-of-the-mill motivational seminar. This is our team’s playbook brought to life. These are the hard lessons learned in the trenches of business one mistake at a time. The information you’ll get at this event can be implemented immediately, and it will give you and your team measurable results.

One day live Entreleadership Event

PERPETUALLY PROSPECTING: (At our core we must be Prospectors)

Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount Chapter 18 “In-Person Prospecting”

RRNCO Language:  marketing distribution, area canvassing

What is the Purpose

  • Qualifying
  • Making appointments
  • Sales conversations
  • Building familiarity
  • Maximizing your sales day
  • Learning your territory


5 Steps to Planning effective IPP

  • Research
  • Personalize your approach
  • Develop an objective for every call
  • Be prepared to close
  • Follow Up:  Log calls, notes and set follow up tasks in your CRM (RZ)

**Learn your area


79T TUNE UP (MOS Sustainment)

Human Resources Office

You are in the business of assisting young men and women from high school into being productive members of their community.

What is the best path for an ideal applicant to take to arrive at their office most prepared.  What skills should they arrive with?  What character traits do they most value?

Meet new COI/VIP; understand the job market in your area and maybe place some young Soldiers with these companies; build a knowledge base to draw from in your classroom presentations and appointments

**Learn your area

LEADERSHIP LESSON:  (Professional Development)

ADRP 6-22

5-2. The conceptual components affecting an Army leader’s intellect include—

  • Mental agility.
  • Sound judgment.
  • Innovation.
  • Interpersonal tact.
  • Expertise.


INNOVATION (Use your time as a Recruiter to develop Innovation)

5-9. Innovation describes the ability to introduce something new when needed or as opportunities exist.  Innovative leaders tend to be inquisitive and good problem solvers. Being innovative includes creativity in producing original and worthwhile ideas. Leaders should seize such opportunities to think creatively and to innovate. A key concept for creative thinking is developing new ideas and approaches to accomplish missions. Creative thinking uses adaptive approaches (drawing from previous circumstances) or innovative approaches (developing completely new ideas).

5-10. Leaders think creatively to adapt to new environments. Innovative leaders prevent complacency by finding new ways to challenge subordinates with forward-looking approaches and ideas. To be innovators, leaders rely on intuition, experience, knowledge, and input from subordinates. Innovative leaders reinforce team building by making everybody responsible for, and stakeholders in, the innovation process.

EXPERT BADGE EXTRA CREDIT (those committed to their craft)

How to Overcome Fear

How to Overcome Fear of Rejection and Take Control of Your Sales Career


  • Take control of your professional growth and take part in the Entreleadership One Day Event on Wednesday 19 October.
  • Make appointments to talk to the 3 top employers in your area and discuss their needs for skill development and characters they need in their company.
  • Watch the Expert Badge Extra Credit and seriously consider how fear is holding you back in your recruiting career and personal life.


King Solomon:  If the iron is blunt, and one does not sharpen the edge, he must use more strength, but wisdom helps one to succeed. (Ecclesiastes 10:10 ESV)

Doug Siggins

MSG (r) Doug Siggins facilitates Training Tuesday Podcast to cultivate, collaborate and celebrate RRNCO success.