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PERPETUALLY PROSPECTING: (At our core we must be Prospectors)

Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount Chapter 16  “Turning Around RBOs Reflex Responses, Brush-Offs, and Objections

“This is why so many salespeople hate prospecting. They cannot control the situation and therefore feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.

Let’s see. You’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into your efforts to contact the prospect. You are competitive and driven. You hate to lose. You take your job seriously. You work hard to be a professional. Your income and security is directly

Reflex Response

We’re not interested.” “We’re happy.” “We’re all set.” “I’m busy.” “I’m in a meeting.” “I’m just running out the door.” “I’m not interested.” These are all examples of things that prospects reflexively say when they are interrupted by a salesperson.


The brush-off is all about avoiding conflict. “Call me later.” “Get back to me in a month.” “Why don’t you just send over some information?” (The greatest brush-off of all time.)


Objections on prospecting calls tend to be more truthful and logical rebuttals to your request. They typically come with a because. “There is really no reason for us to meet right now because we just signed a new contract with your competitor.”

Turnaround scripts free your mind to focus on your prospect rather than the words you use. Scripts work so well with RBOs because you tend to get the same ones over and over again. When you have a script, you never have to worry about what to say and that puts you in complete control of the situation.

As you prepare your scripts, practice and perfect them. Use a recorder, a role-play buddy, or a coach to help you rehearse.

Overcome means to defeat or prevail over an opponent.Scores of salespeople try to argue their prospects into changing their minds—to prevail with debate.

Overcoming doesn’t work. There is a universal law of human behavior: You cannot argue another person into believing that they are wrong. The more you push another person, the more they dig their heels in and resist you.

The act of overcoming creates animosity, exasperation, and frustration for both the prospect, who gets bulldozed with a pitch about why they are wrong, and the rep, who actually creates even more resistance and harsher rejection with this approach.

The key is a disruptive statement or question that turns them around so that they lean toward you rather than move away from away from you.

RBOs on prospecting calls happen in a split second. You have to be nimble, adaptive, and quick on your feet. It’s verbal Judo at 100 miles an hour. To be agile, you need a framework for both managing your emotions and pulling your prospect toward you so that it becomes easier for them to say yes. Three elements of the RBO Turnaround Framework are: Anchor. Disrupt. Ask.


But your logical brain (the neocortex) can. The problem is fight or flight kicks in before logic. So you need a millisecond for your logical brain to wake up and tell the amygdala that there is no threat.


Your prospect is conditioned. They expect you to act just like every other salesperson. When they tell you no, they expect a fight. The secret to turning around your prospect’s RBO is delivering a statement or question that disrupts this expectation, “takes away” the fight, and pulls the prospect toward you


You may deliver the perfect turnaround, but if you don’t ask again for commitment, you won’t get what you want. You must ask confidently and assumptively for a specific commitment of time or information, without any hesitation or awkward pause, directly following your turnaround script.

Prospect: “We’re not interested.” “You know, that is what a lot of my current clients said the first time I called.” (Anchor) “Most people say they aren’t interested before they see how much I can save them. I don’t know if my service will be a good fit for you and your company, but doesn’t it make sense for us to at least get together for a short meeting to find out?” (Disrupt) “How about Friday at 2:00 PM? (Ask)

It is difficult to regain your focus and keep moving when a prospect is horrible to you. It hurts. It’s all you can think about and talk about. You fantasize about calling them back up and telling them to f@*& off! Anger invades your thoughts and keeps you up all night stewing. At times, you completely shut down your life as you dwell on your anger, angst, and anxiety.”

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