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Welcome to Tuesday Training Podcast…a conversation and collaboration between Army National Guard Recruiters.  This week, because of your efforts, lives will be changed, legacies will be started and generations will be impacted as you serve our citizens, by bringing the best and brightest into our organizations.  What you do matters… make a difference..

PERPETUALLY PROSPECTING: (At our core we must be Prospectors)


Several quotes from Chapter 13 “Social Selling”

“I believe that for the sales profession, social media is the most important technological advancement since the telephone. There has never been a time in sales when so much information about so many buyers was so easy to access. And not just contact information, but context. Through the social channel, we gain glimpses into our prospects’ behavior, desires, preferences, and triggers that drive buying behavior and open buying windows. The social

Social Selling is time consuming and intellectually draining, and it requires a long slog of consistent daily effort to see any results.

Let’s get this straight from the get-go. Social selling is not selling.

The bottom line is people don’t want to be pitched or “sold” on social media. They prefer to connect, interact, and learn. For this reason, the social channel is better suited to building familiarity, lead nurturing, research, nuanced inbound prospecting, and trigger-event awareness.

Social selling is a collective term that encompasses a variety of activities—all designed to enrich the sales process and fill the pipe with more qualified and motivated prospects. These activities include: Social research Social networking Social lead generation Social inbound marketing Social prospecting Social trigger-event monitoring Social competitive intelligence Social customer relationship management (CRM) Social account management

On which social channels will I find my customers and prospects? On which social channels do I feel most comfortable?

Do you hear that giant sucking sound? That is social media stealing Golden Hour time from salespeople across the globe. Hours upon hours of prime selling time wasted with heads stuck in laptops, tablets, and smartphones—“social selling.””

SSG  Steven Elders TNARNG:

79T TUNE UP (MOS Sustainment)

Administer School Programs


STP 805B-79T-2457 Administer School Programs

LEADERSHIP LESSON:  (Professional Development)

ADRP 6_22 Chapter 3 Character:

3-42. Making the right choice and acting on it when faced with an ethical question can be difficult.  Sometimes it means standing firm and disagreeing with the boss on ethical grounds. These occasions test character. Situations in which a leader thinks an unlawful order is issued can be the most difficult.
3-43. Under normal circumstances, a leader executes a superior leader’s decision with enthusiasm.  Unlawful orders are the exception: a leader has a duty to question such orders and refuse to obey them if clarification of the order’s intent fails to resolve his objections. If a Soldier perceives an order is unlawful, the Soldier should fully understand the details of the order and its original intent. The Soldier should seek immediate clarification from the person who gave it before proceeding.
3-44. If the question is more complex, seek legal counsel. If it requires an immediate decision, as may happen in the heat of combat, make the best judgment possible based on the Army Values, personal experience, critical thinking, previous study, and reflection. There is a risk when a leader disobeys what may be an unlawful order, and it may be the most difficult decision that Soldier ever makes. Nonetheless, it is what competent, confident, and ethical leaders should do.
3-45. While a leader may not be completely prepared for complex situations, spending time to reflect on the Army Values, studying, and honing personal leadership competencies will help. Talk to superiors, particularly those who have done the same. It is up to Army leaders to make values-based, ethical choices for the good of the Army and the nation. Army leaders should have the strength of character to make the right choices.


  1.  Evaluate your Social Selling.  Are you utilizing it well?  Is it a distraction from your primary selling activities or is if reinforcing and enhancing them?
  2. Perform your Specialty Training Plan (STP) 805B-79T-2457:  Administer School Programs
    • Is there a performance step you need assistance with?  Review the performance steps and do a personal evaluation.
  3. Run through, in you head,  a possible ethic situation you may face in recruiting.  Prepare ahead of time how you will respond to the situation.  To whom would you discuss the situation?



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King Solomon:  If the iron is blunt, and one does not sharpen the edge, he must use more strength, but wisdom helps one to succeed. (Ecclesiastes 10:10 ESV)

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