TRAINING TUESDAY PODCAST 079 (Interview with SSG Ryan Owens (IL); School Recruiting Plan; Pencil in the Family; Shotgun Events; New Recruiter Advice)

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Go back and listen to the past 2 weeks podcasts as Dave Eustice discusses preparing for the new school year.  It is the best investment of an hour you could make.


SSG Ryan Owens enlist 5 new Soldiers in July.  A seasoned recruiter with 8 years of experience reminds us of what it takes to be a successful recruiter.

CONTACT SSG RYAN OWENS:  [email protected]

79T TUNE UP (MOS Sustainment)

NG Pam 601-1 Appendix F


As a best business practice, you should contact 25 percent of your senior contacts, 30 percent of your HS graduates and 14 percent of your junior contacts by 31 August. Objective of these contacts is to obtain appointments.

Determine and finalize all SASVAB scheduling in all assigned schools. Assist school officials in making arrangements for scheduling the ASVAB Interpretations following release of scores. Contact the student government and set up a meeting to discuss what the ARNG and you can do to assist them in the upcoming school year (i.e. give speech/presentation, field trips, etc.). Contact the head football coach and volunteer to assist in leading calisthenics or calling cadence during team runs. Contact enlistees currently in HS and utilize them to the fullest extent. Ensure they understand the “Stripes for Buddies” program and energize them to solicit interest in the ARNG.

Remember that the school faculty is working and it is often hectic in preparation for classes to start. Always schedule an appointment prior to going to the HS to prevent a strained relationship with the faculty.


  • Finalize your plan for September/October school recruiting.  Consider SSG Owens advice to focus on “shotgun” events in these early months.
  • Have a priority discussion with your “significant other” and help them to understand the upcoming OPTEMPO change.  Discuss creative ways and places to “pencil them into” your schedule.
  • Reflect on your enlistments in RY2016.  Are there any that you regret putting into your local unit.  Has that particular enlistment helped or hurt your overall success?


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