TRAINING TUESDAY PODCAST 072 (Prospecting Blocks, Father’s Day)


SFC Raymond Shanle


FATHER’S DAY:  An interview with SFC Raymond Shanle who was featured in GX magazine because he is not only a RRNCO but has 5 children who are honorably serving in the Army National Guard.  

PERPETUALLY PROSPECTING: (At our core we must be Prospectors)


“The result is ineffective prospecting blocks that make you feel like you are getting nowhere, far more rejection, and low productivity. Your sales results, income, confidence, and self-esteem all suffer.

At the bottom of the pyramid are the thousands of prospects they know little about other than a company name and perhaps some contact information. They don’t know if the information about the prospect is correct (and there is a good chance that it isn’t). Action: The goal with these prospects is to move them up the pyramid by gathering information to correct and confirm data, fill in the missing pieces, and begin the qualifying process. Higher up the pyramid, the information improves. There is solid contact information, including e-mail addresses. There may be information on competitors, product or service usage numbers, the size of the budget, and other demographic information. There may also be contact information for decision makers and influencers. Action: The goal with these prospects is to identify the buying window and all potential stakeholders. Moving higher up, potential buying windows have been identified. There are complete contact records for decision makers and influencers, including social profiles. Action: Your focus at this level is to implement nurturing campaigns to stay in front of confirmed decision makers in anticipation of an identified future buying window. Further up are conquest prospects. This is a highly targeted list of the best or largest opportunities in your territory. There will be a limited number: 10, 25, 50, 100. Action: The focus for conquest prospects includes nurturing and regular touches, stakeholder identification, buying window qualifying, monitoring for trigger events, and building familiarity. Closer to the top are hot inbound leads and referrals. Action: These prospects require immediate follow-up to qualify and/or move them into the pipeline. At the tip-top are highly qualified prospects who are moving into the buying window due to an immediate need, contract expiration, trigger event, or budgetary period. Action: These are your highest-priority prospects and should be on the top of your daily prospecting list. The goals is to move them into the pipe.

Being a more efficient and effective prospector begins and ends with an organized, targeted prospecting list.

Building effective and robust prospecting lists requires consistent effort and discipline, which is why salespeople don’t do it.”

EXPERT BADGE TRAINING (those committed to their craft)

Entreleadership Podcast:  Leading the Next Generation

How do you lead a generation of team members who work under a totally new set of rules? Leadership expert Dr. Tim Elmore joins us to share his research and advice on leading Millennials, who now make up a full one-third of our workforce. Also on tap, we’re featuring a special conversation with Dr. Meg Meeker, best-selling author of Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters. Dr. Meeker gives advice on how to raise great kids and parent really well. – See more at:


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