You are currently viewing TRAINING TUESDAY PODCAST 064 (An interview with SSG Josh Mohler from OH, ASVAB Study Guide Videos)

TRAINING TUESDAY PODCAST 064 (An interview with SSG Josh Mohler from OH, ASVAB Study Guide Videos)

THIS WEEK:  Without Counsel Plans Fail; Ohio Shooting Star; Hunger; ASVAB Prep-Videos

Providing ongoing, mobile sustainment training to stimulate success and promote professionalism.

Welcome to Tuesday Training Podcast…a conversation and collaboration between Army National Guard Recruiters.  This week, because of your efforts, lives will be changed, legacies will be started and generations will be impacted as you serve our citizens, by bringing the best and brightest into our organizations.  What you do matters… make a difference..


  • Success Circle
  • Perpetually Prospecting
  • Expert Badge Training
  • Call to Action


Proverbs 15:22 “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed”.

Training Tuesday Podcast Update:  Moving to a listener supported community as I complete the transition back to the civilian life.  What this means is that starting in June  we will begin a 60 day transition from MSG Siggins supported community to a shared support community.  Each state and territory, who desires to remain part of the collaboration and continue to receiving the podcasts, will purchase an annual subscription for $2,996.  This quite easily will be the most beneficial investment you will ever make, with the greatest return-on-investment, for your RRB.  We will, together, not only sustain but grow in our motivation, focus, and mindset by developing our 79T craft.  We will continue this important conversation of collaboration to lower the barriers between the states and turn from a me-centric to a us-centric organization where we can share ideas and build a common knowledge base.


Interview with SSG Josh Mohler, OH Kilo Co. R&R C: (419) 565-6407 Email: [email protected]

Take Aways from Interview:


  • Importance of VIP Relationships
  • Be visible in your communities
  • Strive for quality applicants
  • 9 Month Recruiting mentality
  • Live in your High Schools
  • Use every marketing dollar
  • Stay mentally hungary….a little stress is good for business
  • ASVAB Assistance


PERPETUALLY PROSPECTING: (At our core we must be Prospectors)

Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount, Chapter 8 “Time the Great Equalizer of Sales” Blocking Your Time will Transform your Career


EXPERT BADGE TRAINING (those committed to their craft)


38 Arithmetic Reasoning Videos

42 Arithmetic Knowledge Videos

19 Paragraph Comprehension Videos

4 Word Knowledge Test Review Videos



  • You need to collect wise counselors in your life.  Think of one more person who you respect and is not a peer and ask them if they would be willing to meet with you once a quarter to provide counsel…business, personal, and spiritual.
  • What is one area that SSG Mohler discussed that you need to grow in?  Identify that one area and send it to your Team Leader with a request to assist you with a plan.
  • How can you implement the Power Hour into your daily schedule?  What distractions do you need to eliminate from your Power Hour?  Make a commitment to your Power Hour schedule and send this information to your Team Leader and other team members so they can support you in this important commitment.
  • Send the YouTube information for ASVAB training to your schools and post it on your Social Media.



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King Solomon:  If the iron is blunt, and one does not sharpen the edge, he must use more strength, but wisdom helps one to succeed. (Ecclesiastes 10:10 ESV)

Doug Siggins

MSG (r) Doug Siggins facilitates Training Tuesday Podcast to cultivate, collaborate and celebrate RRNCO success.