You are currently viewing TRAINING TUESDAY PODCAST 062 (Paralysis from Analysis, Doing the Right Things Well, Navy Seals Discuss EGO)

TRAINING TUESDAY PODCAST 062 (Paralysis from Analysis, Doing the Right Things Well, Navy Seals Discuss EGO)

THIS WEEK:  Common Core of Knowledge; Paralysis from Analysis; You Make the Call; Death by Ego

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Welcome to Tuesday Training Podcast…a conversation and collaboration between Army National Guard Recruiters.  This week, because of your efforts, lives will be changed, legacies will be started and generations will be impacted as you serve our citizens, by bringing the best and brightest into our organizations.  What you do matters… make a difference.


Training Tuesday Podcast Update:  Moving to a listener supported community as I complete the transition back to the civilian life.  What this means is that starting May 3rd we will begin a 60 day transition from MSG Siggins supported community to a shared support.  Each state and territory who desires to remain part of the collaboration and receiving the podcasts will purchase a 6 month subscription for $2000.  This quite easily will be the most beneficial investment you have ever done or will ever do, with the greatest return-on-investment, for your RRB.  We will, together, not only sustain but grow in our motivation, focus, and mindset by developing our 79T craft.  We will continue this important conversation of collaboration to lower the barriers between the states and turn from a me-centric to a us-centric organization where we can share ideas and build a common knowledge base.



SSG Marty Grant, team 2 Viking in Salt Lake City UT

Recommendation from the field:  If you post something on the National Guard recruiter forum and someone requests a copy, upload it to the files tab so everyone has access.  Also, email it to [email protected] so we can build a common core of knowledge so we don’t have to be recreating the wheel.   If 2000 recruiters spent 1 hour a week creating something that has already been created that equals 2000 wasted hours….that equals 50 work weeks or one man year.  Ridiculous!


PERPETUALLY PROSPECTING: (At our core we must be Prospectors)

Fanatical Prospecting, by Jeb Blount, Chapter 7 “The 3 Ps That Are Holding You Back”

Paralysis from Analysis

Call reluctance is a common label that gets slapped on salespeople who fail to prospect. The term conjures up the image of a salesperson staring at the phone or at their prospect’s front door—knees shaking, palms sweating, drenched in anxiety, unwilling to take the next step. Call reluctance is an easy label to apply because it seems to cover all sales sins. But some people aren’t reluctant—they are just in the wrong job. If you are that person, so afraid to call that you can’t will your fingers to dial the phone or your feet to move, so afraid of calling on strangers that you find it hard to go to work or even get out of bed—quit. Go do something else. This book won’t help you. You don’t have call reluctance, you are doing something you hate, and trust me on this: Life is too short to spend doing something you hate. Another, more common reason for what appears to be call reluctance is paralysis from analysis. This problem is driven in part by perfectionism and is totally fixable. Here is what analysis paralysis sounds like emanating from the mouth of a salesperson: “Well, what if they say no?” “What if they say this or that?” “How will I know if…?” “What should I do if…?” Rather than just dialing the phone, sending the e-mail, or walking in the door and dealing with what comes next, the rep goes on a “what if” binge, often followed by an attempt to get every duck in a perfect row.

Disrupting the 3Ps

When I’m working with salespeople who are being held back by all or one of the 3Ps, I get them focused on making just one call. Then the next. Then the next. One call at a time. Sometimes I get a list and sit next to them and dial too.

Sometimes I have to be a bit more direct to get them to jump into prospecting. The solution is to push them hard to “just do it.” Just pick up the phone and make the call. Let the “what ifs” take care of themselves. I know that might sound a bit harsh, but a push is sometimes what is required to break this destructive cycle.

We’ve all found ourselves in the crushing grip of the 3Ps. I observe salespeople endlessly obsessing and overthinking the potential outcomes of prospecting calls almost everyday of my professional life. They convince themselves that they need to gather more facts, just need a little bit more training, or that the timing is not right. They squander time worrying about what ifs and look at me with puppy dog eyes pleading for more time to get it right before diving in.”

79T TUNE-UP: (Doing the basics well)

You need to decide today!  Right now you know if this job is for you.  Are you willing to do the job?  If not, you are hurting the team and organization by holding the position.  You are also failing every student and prospect in your area.  Decide today…it isn’t failure to admit this job isn’t a fit for you.  Tell someone.

EXPERT BADGE TRAINING (those committed to their craft)

Navy Seal describe how ego destroy everything from business insider:



  • STOP and make a call.  Stop planning, worrying, organizing, analyzing and make a call…right now, this very minute.
  • The Army National Guard needs you to decide today if being an RRNCO is not for you.  If 10% of the force is just filling a spot then over 200 recruiters need to make the call today.  
  • How is your ego hindering or helping your ability to succeed?   Ask a trusted leader for honest input so you can rightly access your ego.  




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King Solomon:  If the iron is blunt, and one does not sharpen the edge, he must use more strength, but wisdom helps one to succeed. (Ecclesiastes 10:10 ESV)

Doug Siggins

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