Welcome to Tuesday…Tuesday Training Podcast…a conversation and collaboration between Army National Guard Recruiters.  It is my fundamental belief that we are not what we were yesterday, and we are not yet what we will become, but we are on a growth glide path…that we can develop our attitude, our motivation, our basic beliefs about our institution and our mission – that we can develop our craft and make a difference.

This week lives will be changed, legacies will be started and generations will be impacted because of what we do to serve our citizens by bringing the best and brightest into our organizations.  What you do matters… will make a difference.


  • Leadership Lesson from the ADRP – Army Leadership Requirements Model (Attributes)
  • 79T Tune-Up – August
  • Perpetually Prospecting – Selling or Serving
  • Expert Badge Training – Advance Selling Podcast: Intent





1-30. Attributes describe the leaders that the Army wants. Attributes describe how an individual behaves and learns within an environment. The leader attributes are character, presence, and intellect. These attributes represent the values and identity of the leader (character) with how the leader is perceived by followers and others (presence), and with the mental and social faculties the leader applies in the act of leading (intellect). Character, a person’s moral and ethical qualities, helps a leader determine what is right and gives a leader motivation to do what is appropriate, regardless of the circumstances or consequences. Actions, words, and the manner in which leaders carry themselves convey presence. Presence is not just a matter of showing up; it involves the example that the leader projects to inspire others to do their best and follow their lead. An Army leader’s intelligence draws from conceptual abilities and is applied to one’s duties and responsibilities. Conceptual abilities enable effective problem-solving and sound judgment.

Army Leadership Requirements Model



As a best business practice, you should contact 25 percent of your senior contacts, 30 percent of your HS graduates and 14 percent of your junior contacts by 31 August.  Objective of these contacts is to obtain appointments. Determine and finalize all SASVAB scheduling in all assigned schools. Assist school officials in making arrangements for scheduling the ASVAB Interpretations following release of scores. Contact the student government and set up a meeting to discuss what the ARNG and you can do to assist them in the upcoming school year (i.e. give speech/presentation, field trips, etc.). Contact the head football coach and volunteer to assist in leading calisthenics or calling cadence during team runs. Contact enlistees currently in HS and utilize them to the fullest extent. Ensure they understand the “Stripes for Buddies” program and energize them to solicit interest in the ARNG. Remember that the school faculty is working and it is often hectic in preparation for classes to start. Always schedule an appointment prior to going to the HS to prevent a strained relationship with the faculty.



MINDSET…am I trying to sell something or am I trying to solve something.

EXPERT BADGE TRAINING  advancedsellinpodcastgraphicboot-150x150

  1. Abundance
  2. Detachment
  3. Intent

          Advanced Selling Podcast:  Intent in Sales #302

“Can intent make or break a sale? Intent is the final piece of the Advanced Selling Podcast Inner Game Trinity. Veteran Sales trainers Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale share stories of how they came to embrace intent. They’ll talk about being taught from an early age to focus on the wrong things, which translates into the wrong approach for sales. In this episode of the Advanced Selling Podcast, Bill and Bryan will give you a new way to think about your role in the sales process and how the right intent will improve your sales process significantly.”


 King Solomon:  If the iron is blunt, and one does not sharpen the edge, he must use more strength, but wisdom helps one to succeed. (Ecclesiastes 10:10 ESV)


Doug Siggins

MSG (r) Doug Siggins facilitates Training Tuesday Podcast to cultivate, collaborate and celebrate RRNCO success.