Leadership and sales are all about influence:  purpose, direction and motivation.

We are not what we were yesterday and we are not yet what we will become….but today we commit to engage the target, stay mission focused and practice personal courage by resisting the temptation to be average and face the obstacles that are keeping us from being excellent!   Today we move forward…what we do matters…we will make a difference through our faithful labors today.  Don’t give up…don’t back down.

 2 Minute Leadership Tune-Up

Continuation from last week  ADRP 6-22, Chapter 1, Paragraph 2:  INFLUENCE

“Influencing is getting people-military and civilian, government and non-government partners, or even bystanders such as a local populace-to do what is required.  Influencing entails more than simply passing along orders.  Through words and personal example, leaders communicate purpose, direction and motivation.”

Application of Army leadership:  Definition Applied

  • Ourselves: Purpose, Direction and Motivation
    1. Purpose/WHY: Reminding ourselves of what we are doing and why we are doing it
      1. Service, career, work that matters, family
    2. Direction/HOW/WHAT: Establishing priorities and following through on tasks
      1. Planning, reviewing
    3. Motivation/NOW
      1. Doing the hard things
      2. Completing tasks
  • Prospects and Applicants: Purpose, Direction, and Motivation
    1. Purpose/Collect: Find their purpose (Values and Motivators)
    2. Direction/Contribute: Show them how they can
    3. Motivation/Continue: Help them to focus on the end results of winning


  • Soldiers/Shippers: Purpose, Direction, and Motivation
    1. Purpose: Remind them of why and what
    2. Direction: Ensure they know how.  Keep them focused on the path for success and accomplishment of their motivators
    3. Motivation: Keep their focus on winning and achieving….they can do it.

Perpetually Prospecting

5C Selling

  • Connect
  • Collect
  • Contribute
  • Confirm
  • Continue


May Shippers Moment:

As you update new shipping forms and send them to RSP Staff….make sure they are uploaded to RZ.  Your Soldier’s RZ is the inspectable source for all documents.


Make sure you are using the new SGLI Form dated 2/2015.  In typical fashion we didn’t know about the new form until MEPS started kicking the old one back.  Go to the Website to download the new form.

New SGLV  8286    SGLV_8286_ed2015-02



Doug Siggins

MSG (r) Doug Siggins facilitates Training Tuesday Podcast to cultivate, collaborate and celebrate RRNCO success.