Today we discuss the Army’s definition of leadership, Tom Ziglar’s Performance Formula (AxExS=P), meet 1SG McDonnell (ret), and are reminded of a strategy to prepare your Shippers and their families for them to leave for IADT.



2 Minute Leadership Tune-Up

The ARDP 6-22 states in Chapter 1 Paragraph 1, “Leadership is the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to accomplish the mission and improve the organization.

Who do we lead?

  • Ourselves: Purpose, Direction and Motivation
  • Prospects and Applicants: Purpose, Direction, and Motivation
  • Soldiers: Purpose, Direction, and Motivation

Last week asked you to listen to an Entreleadership podcast and send me the Performance Formula:

Attitude x Effort x Skill = Performance

If we apply that to the interview with SPC Galloway we see it in action.  SPC Galloway had a go-getter attitude X personal initiative (effort) X minimal skill = unexpected performance.  We did not anticipate his prior skill and he under estimated his selling skills but through personal initiative and a gett’r done attitude he was able to perform with excellence.

Another example I could use is SFC Heinzen:  First year of recruiting Tremendous Attitude X Lots of Hard Work X minimal skill = Marginal Performance.  The second year his attitude stayed positive X effort was high X and he developed his processing/planning skills and his performance shows the results.

Bottom line is that we need to take a hard look at each area.

  • Is our attitude positive, solution focused, energetic and enthusiastic? And are we constantly growing?
  • Is our effort high and consistent? And are we constantly growing?
  • Are we proficient in our planning, prioritizing, processing, and prospecting? Are we constantly looking for ways to grow?

A special feature this week:

I want to introduce you to an outstanding resource that we are going to utilize to help our attitude and skill development.  Retired 1SG Dave McDonnell of Casper is our featured guest this week.  He will introduce himself but I want to just say that it is an honor and privilege to spend time with him.  He was a USAREC recruiter, station commander and company 1SG for 14 years.  He served as the Active Army Station Commander in both Casper and Cheyenne so he is familiar with our area and the Wyoming Army National Guard.  He will help give us sound training but also a valuable perspective as we get to hear how the Army recruiters view the ARNG recruiters.  Today is just an introduction.

Several Take-Aways from the interview:

  • Saw the purpose – important and rewarding job
  • ARNG is a threat – has a selling advantage
  • He became a student of the craft

May is Shipper Month:

Consider having a night where all your shippers and parents can come to the armory and hear the most current shipper information from you…..get the parents on board.  The worst thing you can have happen is the parents are in a panic about their son or day – the Soldier call home wanting to quit and the parents – a basic PPT


Packing List for Recruits shipping to training

Packing List

Parent's Preship Brief
Parent’s Preship Brief

King Solomon:  The iron is blunt, and one does not sharpen the edge, he must use more strength, but wisdom helps one to succeed. (Ecclesiastes 10:10 ESV)

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Doug Siggins

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