Training Tuesday Podcast Episode 007 (Initial Appointment 003)  click link below.


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Advanced Selling Podcast, Ultimate Pre-Game



Training Notes:

  1. Plan
    1. What do I already know about the person or what can I learn
      1. Hobbies, family,
      2. Anticipate
    2. Brochure
    3. Thought through the step
    4. Calendar available
    5. Reviewer MOS needs
  2. I have reviewed my plan
  3. My office is ready
  4. I have all next-step possibilities ready
    1. Literature
    2. Packet
    3. Pre-screen documents
  5. Close
    1. Reminded that we are all doing the deal and facing similar obstacles
    2. No new revelation – just applying the basics well
    3. Becoming a pro….master badge is not something you achieve as much as it is something you become….by developing your craft.
  6. Master Badge Training is a link to an Advanced Selling Podcast product that you can download for free but the download process seems to get caught up in the secure network so the attachment is included in the email and a link to the download is on the webpage
    1. Ultimate Pre-Game from Advanced Selling Podcast
      1. Get present…all engaged, mentally, environment, civilianize
      2. Review agenda
        1. Rapport, discover (values/motives), feature/benefit, next step
      3. Rehearse your opening line
      4. Review ASP question bank
      5. Prepare to discuss commitment / obstacles
      6. Remind myself of fundamental belief
        1. Detached
        2. Abundant
        3. Intent
      7. Appreciate the moment – beginning of a career/legacy


Doug Siggins

MSG (r) Doug Siggins facilitates Training Tuesday Podcast to cultivate, collaborate and celebrate RRNCO success.