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  1.  Introduction:
    1. 2nd Tuesday Training Podcast on Prospecting
    2. The first battle that must be won is the one of the mind
      1. Beliefs, attitudes, expectations,
    3. Prospecting is no different and will as a foundation to the whole concept of prospecting – will assert that prospecting is first and foremost a mental/psychological feat – seek to develop that as the main point today
    4. notes, links, comments and discussions
  2. 3 Short Trainings
    1. Basic Badge training – introduce the prospector mentality
    2. Senior Badge Training – Interview with a Wyoming Prospector
    3. Master Badge Training – link to an outstanding training on prospecting



  • Wyoming RRB unit name….Prospectors
  • Definition: the possibility that something will happen in the future
  • Most familiar use is in terms of Gold Mining
    1. Reality TV on Discovery: Gold Rush – modern mining for gold in Alaska
    2. Left comfort and security, visions of opportunity, a better life and the adventure and freedom of
    3. Not for the weak and fearful
    4. Put everything on the line
    5. Up to 30 Tons of ore for 1 ounce of gold
    6. Nuggets, diamonds, jewels –
      1. rare, valuable, worth the effort
    7. Common tool and a lot of blood, sweat and tears
      1. Shovels, picks, and pans
    8. Common hardship, Overcoming obstacles, Realistic expectations

Today’s Training Tuesday Podcast is a continuation of our February theme, prospecting.  The focus of this training is developing a prospecting attitude.  You will hear from SSG Edwardo Herrera of the Wyoming Army National Guard.  He is a dynamic Master Badge holding RRNCO who has overcome many obstacles in his life.   Along the way he developed an aggressive, winning attitude which has propelled him into success in the Army National Guard.

New techniques will only be of marginal help to an RRNCO without the drive to achieve and overcome.  We must train our thinking to remain focussed and driven in order to do what it takes to win.

ACTION RESPONSE:  Comment below or send your First Line Leader one thing you want to do better or more of to improve your prospecting.


This is phenomenal training on prospecting.  Listen to the first 18 minutes to be challenged in your fundamentals of prospecting.

  1. Mike Weinberg: “New Sales. Simplified”


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