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  1. School Prospecting (MSG Toohey and MSG Siggins)
  1. Shout Out to SSG Knight – one enlistment last week for 7 total in an area with a population of just over 19,000
  • Prospector Nugget: a response from an RRNCO from last week.  “Most of my “intentional” prospecting has been done by targeting, large-scale opportunities such as school or community events, presentations, hosting activities at the armory, etc.  In realizing this, the biggest change I would/should/will make in my prospecting is to ensure I do more “intentional” prospecting of small or individual targets. Sure, I have always talked with others on a one-on-one basis if the opportunity presented itself. However, I don’t think I’ve intentionally gone out of my way to target, isolate or create one-on-one opportunities such as the “grocery bagger” example that the CSM gave. I’m going to add this to my daily METL.”
  1. A message for the RRB from LTC Hunhoff.
    1. ACTION RESPONSE:  STAFF – report to CSM Hunhoff that you have listened to podcast on Tuesday and turn in your one lead prior to 28 February 2015.
    2. ACTION RESPONSE:  RRNCO – 5 appointments by 28 February with 1 of those committing to enlist…1 extra enlistment this month!
  2. ACTION RESPONSE: Provide AAR comments related to the TrainingTuesdayPodscast.  Send to trainingtuesdaypodca[email protected] or [email protected] or comment below.


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