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I just arrived to my job in September coming from the Infantry Brigade Combat Team S3 position so it was a real shock to my system dealing with recruiting. Iowa got a subscription to your podcast after two of our great NCOICs 1SG Jesse Howard and 1SG John Stuart made the request. As soon as we got your podcast I jumped right on board and started listening; I am sure that I'm the only Ranger qualified officer we have ever had in the Iowa RRB. Your podcast got me on the right track immediately and helped focus my high energy to build knowledge and turn that into action. Your podcasts really generate thought and give ideas to recruiters of all levels, even officers like me. If people are willing to listen I know that every podcast they will learn something new or at least refresh something they knew before but had not thought about in a while. We have had quite a bit of turnover on our team and I make all my new hires sit down and go through you HS recruiting program and brief the NCOICs and me on their intel collection for their schools, I think it has been a huge benefit for me and all of them to have all that information. I have seen that your program is a great first step before sending them out to start recruiting and prepare them for SQI4. What you do is phenomenal and a huge help to the recruiting force. Thank you so much for what you do. Good call on Jocko too! I had all my RSP kids listen to that one to get them motivated and I listen to him all the time too.
MAJ Randall Stanford
Recruiting and Retention Battalion Zone 2 O&T
I am writing this recommendation for Doug as a reference to anyone looking to energize their organization. I have been working with Doug for the past two years improving performance of my Recruiting Battalion. His insight and enthusiasm to bring out the best in everyone has been invaluable. He is also a true "knowledge manager" assisting others in putting good ideas together for the betterment of all. His breadth of understanding of subjects he focuses on and his quest for knowledge as a life long learner has been inspiring for me personally and has helped my organization.
CSM Rick Haerter
Recruiting and Retention CSM, MS

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