Reduce new-hire production delays, resource Performance-Improvement-Plans, and facilitate interstate collaboration to increase ARNG enlistments by providing weekly audio sustainment training and an online training archive to retain our institutional knowledge. 

“I just want to say that I believe what you do every week with your Podcast is a tremendous asset to those states and more importantly recruiters who take the time to listen to your Podcast.  You are very knowledgeable and are focused on the right things to energize the force!  I would recommend that you continue to focus on the regulations, sales and leadership.  I think that is absolutely spot on!  Keep doing what you are doing as I believe it is helping soooo many young recruiters (and old ones too)!!”  LTC Debra Lien, ND RRB CMD

” I just arrived to my job in September coming from the Infantry Brigade Combat Team S3 position so it was a real shock to my system dealing with recruiting.  Iowa got a subscription to your podcast after two of our great NCOICs 1SG Jesse Howard and 1SG John Stuart made the request.  As soon as we got your podcast I jumped right on board and started listening; I am sure that I’m the only Ranger qualified officer we have ever had in the Iowa RRB. Your podcast got me on the right track immediately and helped focus my high energy to build knowledge and turn that into action.  Your podcasts really generate thought and give ideas to recruiters of all levels, even officers like me. If people are willing to listen I know that every podcast they will learn something new or at least refresh something they knew before but had not thought about in a while.
We have had quite a bit of turnover on our team and I make all my new hires sit down and go through you HS recruiting program and brief the NCOICs and me on their intel collection for their schools,  I think it has been a huge benefit for me and all of them to have all that information.  I have seen that your program is a great first step before sending them out to start recruiting and prepare them for SQI4.
What you do is phenomenal and a huge help to the recruiting force.  Thank you so much for what you do.  Good call on Jocko too!  I had all my RSP kids listen to that one to get them motivated and I listen to him all the time too.” 
MAJ Randall Stanford, IA RRB Zone 2 O&T


Training Tuesday Podcast delivers relevant, 79T specific, motivation and sustainment training weekly, in an audio format, so it can be consumed while RRNCOs are commuting or in the gym, without expensive TDY funding or time away from their market.  The training consists of NCODP content, 79T skill reinforcement, interviews with top performers, collaboration discussions, and incorporation of civilian best practices.  RRBs can capitalize on the previous episodes and aggressively launch new recruiters by providing them with over 60 hours of training which are immediately available for download on this website.   Key results include the more rapid production of new recruiters and longer retention of producing recruiters.

  • Uniquely combining proven 79T MOS skills with current civilian sales training
  • Provide a weekly, 30 minute, targeted knowledge, skill and motivation training
  • Distribute directly to each RRNCO keeping them focused and maintaining momentum via email and full access to archived training on website
  • No AGR Travel costs nor lost recruiting time enhancing efficiency and production
  • promotes a common conversation, success sharing and reduces isolation between states


  • Sustainment training is, “by far, the most important aspect of each State’s RRC training program” (NGR 601-1. 5-18. a.)
  • “RRC leaders are reminded that the most important aspects of a salespersons job are not only skills, knowledge, and abilities but also attitude” (NGR 601-1. 5-18, c.)
  • “Sustainment training should, therefore, focus on motivating and improving Soldier attitudes as well as their skills, knowledge, and abilities to ensure success and maximize performance” (NGR 601-1. 5-18. c.)
  • “Production Soldiers will attend at least 40 hours of sustainment training annually.” (NGR 601. 5-18. d. (1))
  • Commercial training can be an excellent tool in a State’s RRC Sustainment Training program. Training should be motivational in nature and focus on improving RRC personnel attitudes as well as skills and abilities.   (NGR 601-1. 5-23. b.)

Training Tuesday Podcast is a critical resource, especially for those recruiters who are eager to develop, isolated and often working alone, or need assistance with production.


An annual investment of $3,000 provides a weekly audio training, emailed to your RRB, and online access to all previous training.


For as little as $2 a week, individuals can subscribe if their state is unable to support them.




Army National Guard RRNCO 4 years / NCOIC 8 yearsMSG Siggins
Bachelors of Arts Degree in Education; 3 years teaching experience
14 years of civilian sales experience
NCOIC Area included 9 RRNCO

, 6 Armories, and 45,575 sq/miles


Military Recruiting Experts provide professional training services to military recruiting organizations.  Recruiting is a stressful and often thankless job.  The demands on time and the importance of the mission require extreme dedication.  At Military Recruiting Experts, we believe that skills, tactics, techniques, and procedures can be trained to a level to reduce stress and instill confidence. Confident recruiters secure mission, enjoy quality of life, and avoid the pitfalls of falling behind.  

There are many great sources for sales training.  Military Recruiting Experts has the direct experience that our competitors do not.  We have delivered mission at all levels of recruiting.  We know your challenges and can quickly tailor a solution to them. 




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