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Maximum Effectiveness for High School Recruiting located in TAB 2 (VIEW)

Size of Organizer

8-1/2″ X 11″

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Take a moment and discover how the Recruiter PLAYBOOK features will increase performance within the recruiting force.  See why this is by far the best time management tool and organizer available to the National Guard recruiting force. 

Monthly Calendar                                                                                Day Planner – Organizer               


School Activities – Planner                                                                COI/VIP Activities – Planner    

Personal Time – Organizer                                                                 Success “must do” task list   

“Rise to the Challenge” Events                                                         Enlistment/Shipper “tracker”  


NCOER “performance tracker”                                                         “Back to the Basic” Section 

Unit and High School Section                                                            Unit Activities – Planner