TRAINING TUESDAY PODCAST 008 (Initial Appointment 004)



The following link is for the Master Badge Training from Jeb Blount:  Bad Habits Die Hard

pitr-red-arrows-set-5Master Badge Training





  • The Sales Process (4 Words to remember)
    1. Connect
    2. Collect
    3. Contribute
    4. Continue
  • Civilian Language
    1. MEPS – take your physical
    2. MOS – your job
    3. AIT – Job training
  • Expectation Management = always under promise and over deliver
  • Only answer questions that you fully understand…all objections or questions that come up need to be clarified. Make sure you answer fully but simply.
    1. Q) Will I be send to Afghanistan? A) What do you think about going to Afghanistan? A) Does that concern you?
    2. Q) Will I be able to attend college out-of-state? A) Do you currently plan to attend college out-of-state?  Where might you attend college?
  • All initial appointment must be placed in the context of your local unit. Every story, every analogy, every example needs to be part of the story of your unit.
  • Must know how to present each open MOS in your unit in a clear,civilianized story and give benefits or example why someone might find that job beneficial.
    1. 88M = truck driver (excellent training on vehicles from HMWWV to tractor trailers, prepare you for taking civilian CDL, most exciting part is the convoy operations and engaging targets during convoys)
    2. 92G = cook (prepares you for mid-level position in almost any culinary environment)
    3. 92A = Automated Logistics Specialist (prepares you for one of the most available civilian jobs – CARQUEST, Ford dealership etc….run a computer keeping track of vehicles, where they are being used, maintenance requirements and part requests)
  • MOS discussion
    1. Location
    2. Civilian Transfer
    3. Interstate Transfer
    4. Length of AIT
    5. Critical MOS (bonus)
  • Prepare them to face the coming battles:
    1. Give them some defense and weapons to face the battle that ensues after they leave my office.
    2. Example:  rivalry between competing high schools